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Cruiserweight Sam ‘Nowhere 2’ Hyde Explains Move To Joe Gallagher

Hyde Explains Move To Gallagher

Sale Cruiserweight Sam Hyde has become the latest member of Joe Gallagher’s stable and the 23-year-old believes the move will see him step up to another level as he focuses on securing titles in the next year.

Hyde has built up a record of 10-0-1, 5KO’s, since he debuted back in March 2014 and also explained that the move away from his long time trainer, former British champion and world title challenger Ensley Bingham, was on good terms and out of necessity.

Hyde is also on the lookout for a new promotional team after moving away from L-Sel Boxing and is confident that the move to Gallagher will hand him opportunities on some big bills and put him in the frame for some bigger challenges that he believes his career needs.

Hyde told Behind the Gloves: “Most people leave their teams when they lose, as they think that the grass is greener on the other side. This is the total opposite to that and has been done out of necessity and all on good terms.

“I’ve been with Ensley and Champs Camp for a very long time, but he has bad hands and hasn’t been able to take me on the pads for 18 months or so. He brought in a guy called Dan Murray, who was great and we built up a strong relationship, but Ensley and Dan had a disagreement, so Dan stopped training pro’s.

“So I was in a position to no longer reach my full potential and had to leave Ensley unfortunately. We’re still on good terms and he will still offer me any advice I need, which I’m so grateful for. So, who better to go to than Joe Gallagher, who offered me a trial day and it all felt right.

“He’s incredibly thorough and the set-up is very professional, so it’s no coincidence that he has so many champions in the gym. I’m now part of a great stable, so now I need to stay injury free and get myself on some big bills, so I can achieve my full potential.”

With Gallagher on his side, Hyde is certain that he will be able to advance further up the ladder and the added pressure of being a Gallagher fighter will motivate him both in the gym and on fight night.

He also confirmed his reasons behind leaving L-Sel Boxing were boxing motivated and he is already settling in well to Gallagher’s training methods and mentality, as he enters this important stage of his career.

“There is added pressure on fighters coming out of Joe’s gym because there is so much more attention on them. But that will bring out the best in me. He also knows the sport inside out, which now I’ve left Ensley is so important at this stage.

“James was fantastic for building my profile and did a superb job as my manager opening doors for me, because that is his real strength. He’s not as knowledgable about boxing though, which Ensley obviously is, so when it came to fights, Ensley’s guidance was what I listened to.

“Ensley will still help me out, but Joe is the boss now and it’s no accident that he’s achieved what he has as a trainer. I’ve never been around a gym like it. I’m in training from 9:30-3, every day, eating and training alongside all the others.

“You just have to look at their mentalities and see what they do when they are tired and sore, yet they still push through the barrier and it encourages me to do the same. This move will be the making of me and hopefully come September, October time I’ll be ready to advance my career under my new team.”


Article by: Matt Bevan

You can follow Matt on Twitter at: Matt_Bevan68

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