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Early Look At The Potential Billion Dollar Fight Between Mayweather and McGregor

This year is looking more likely than ever to host the first cross over fight between a boxer and MMA fighter, with unbeaten multiple weight champion Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and Conor McGregor looking to reach an agreement to face off in a boxing match in Vegas, with a possible date of June 10 mentioned.

The fight when first mooted (via back and forth retorts between the two over social media), looked unlikely to ever materialise. Many would have been forgiven for taking this stance, as it looked like money was the only motivator in bringing the bout to fruition.

With so many apparent reasons for the fight not to make sense, such as the comparison between both respective champions seeming unfair given the fact they compete in different sports, as well as the fact that both are known for using media speculation as a publicity tool. The match up looked to be more of a fantasy than a realistic prospect.

However, it appears that money talks with Mayweather appearing recently on Sky Sports to tell boxing expert Adam Smith he had “Got the number he was after” thus confirming that fight negotiations were going in the right direction, spelling the end of his short lived retirement.

As for who is favourite, I would find it hard to look past Mayweather – given that this will be a boxing match and wont take place in a cage, seeming to hand the boxing superstar an almost unfair advantage when taking into account his comprehensive skills against McGregor’s novice experience in a ring.

This is no way writing off ‘The Notorious’ McGregor, he is after all an MMA fighter who’s offensive style is primarily based around striking and unpredictable movement, which are essentially good ingredients for a boxer to possess. This blend of a style Mayweather might not have seen and McGregor’s obvious calibre and determination as a fighter may just be what’s needed to beat the self proclaimed ‘best ever’. Not to mention the Irishman’s considerable size advantage, which may or not be a factor on the night depending on what weight limit is agreed for the bout.

The size argument is an interesting one, given that Mayweather has faced bigger men in his career such as Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, Oscar De La Hoya and of course not forgetting his obliteration of the late Diego ‘Chico’ Corralles. Mayweather has never really looked troubled by these fighters being taller or heavier but McGregor has a type of speed (especially when striking) that most of those fighters didn’t posses.  McGregor will also have one aspect that these fighters arguably did not have on their side; the fact that he is still in his prime.

The fight is a strange one, given the circumstances and is also just as strange to predict the outcome of. Mayweather may well do what he has made a career out of and make it look like an easy nights work but then again, McGregor may upset the apple cart and pull of the unthinkable. Like all great fights it poses a lot of questions and will hopefully live up to the huge hype that it will no doubt create in the build up.

By Sam Curtis. You can follow him on Twitter on @Lil_Ceaser24

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