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Josh Taylor Beats Ohara Davies With A Seventh Round Stoppage

Scotland’s Josh Taylor (10-0) stops Ohara Davies (15-1) in his tracks as he decided not to continue after suffering a knockdown in round seven.

The fight started off rather smoothly with both fighters picking and choosing their shots. Taylor managed to adjust himself and land a couple of body shots to Davies.

This would be just the beginning to Taylor’s success in the fight.

In round three, Davies, who was defending his WBC super-lightweight Silver title, suffered a surprising knockdown from a jab whilst in a flurry with Taylor.

The 25-year-old managed to regroup himself just in time to hear the bell.

By the next few rounds, Davies and Taylor were both on the front foot exchanging punches and setting their haymakers up.

But Taylor had the upper edge.

On one instance he stumbled to Davies again with a huge left and right hook.

At round seven, all hell had broken loose.

Taylor, also known as Tartan Tornado was still in charge of the flurries despite leaving himself open and being with a couple of decent shots provided by Davies.

All of a sudden, the former 2014 commonwealth Gold Medallist threw a less powering right hand that suddenly put Davies down.

Though he managed to get himself back up, he managed to taste more devastating combinations before calling the fight to be stopped and wouldn’t continue.

Referee Howard Foster immediately stopped Taylor from throwing more shots at a vulnerable Davies.

After the fight, Barry Mcguigan, who has been promoting Taylor since he turned in 2015, said:

“We watched Burns, how he won titles. This guy is amazing, an amazing athlete. I’d like it to be sooner rather than later. That’s the point I made in my Mirror article today.

“Provided it’s on free-to-air television. We want fighters taking a risk. That’s what’s good for our sport. What a fight, what a performance. With the greatest respect to Sky, so many of their fights are predictable. We want fights that are unpredictable.”

To that, Burns responded by saying:

“There’s been a lot of talk. Great performance, Josh. Barry’s been calling me out.

“I’m sure if you’re going to put a serious offer, you have Eddie’s number.”

By Waqas Ali. You can follow him on Twitter on @Waqaas95

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