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MTK London: Lynes edges win over Petrov, Pauly Upton outclasses Sajavka

Colin Lynes v Mario Petrov (8 x 3)

In the main event at the Brentwood Centre tonight, Colin Lynes edged a points wins over eight close rounds against Mario “the noise” Petrov.

The 39 year old from Hornchurch showed experience just beats youth in his fiftieth professional fight, and the now 39-11 and former IBO World, British and European champion at light welterweight and former British champion at welterweight stole the show by the skin of his teeth.

Starting explosively from the word go, ‘Lyno’ looked slightly more powerful in the first round and landed some hard-hitting left hooks, followed up by a straight right which left the Bulgarian on the ropes. Petrov, who now resides in Surrey, then countered with a straight left and both contenders then really started to let their hands go as the bell closed the round.

Petrov then started the second round on top but it wasn’t long before Lynes fought him back with another devastating left hook followed by multiple jabs to the face and body. A straight right also connected, but did not seem to cause any harm to the 29-year old who is now 4 wins to 8 losses.

By the end of the second Petrov was backed up to the ropes again, for the second time in two rounds, but maintained his composure and came back strongly with shots of his own. A difficult round to call.

In the mid rounds Lynes came out all guns blazing but found it hard to find the angle, with Petrov’s fast footwork and intelligent slips proving tricky. There were good exchanges from both men towards the end of the third round and Petrov landed a great left hook on the close.

Both men came into round four seemingly energised with flurries of punches being thrown from both corners and countered equally well by all accounts. Half way through the fight it is difficult to call a winner, but Lynes seems to just have the advantage – Petrov is certainly keeping him on his toes however. Round four ended with some great combinations thrown by the Hornchurch man.

Round five started fast again and ‘Lyno’ unloaded a barrage of jabs as the fight stepped up a gear. Petrov took it all in his stride however and gave as good as he got with some strong jabs to Lynes’ face in another unbelievably close round that saw both fighters seem frustrated with not being able to get a finish. In the last seconds, Petrov was back on the ropes and Lynes finished strongly again.

The Surrey man roared into the sixth round but Lynes’ skill shone through and his experience is revealed through multiple combinations landed. Petrov hit back with a sharp left hook and Lynes then counters with some mean body shots followed by a straight right. The round ended with the great exchange continuing – both men aware that every point is needed in this well-matched trade off.

The last two rounds continued in the same inspiring form and round seven is the most exciting thus far as both men stalk each other around the ring. Petrov landed multiple lefts before Lynes returned with one of his own. Towards the end of the seventh, Lynes landed multiple body shots and as eight drew to a close he nearly knocked a tiring Petrov through the ropes – perhaps just securing his win tonight.

A 77-76 decision demonstrates the closeness of the fight, which was a great display of skill and heart from both men.

Lynes win PTS (77-76)

Jake O’Meara v Rudolf Durica (4 x 3 )

Jake O’Meara triumphed in a points victory in a tough debut fight at light welterweight against Slovakian Rudolf Durica in a four-round contest.

The Ealing man faced the 37-year-old Durica, who has lost all bouts since his first fight (1-8), and was previously defeated by Billy Allington at the Brentwood Centre in March earlier this year.

O’Meara showed his focus and determination as he worked out his way around the ring, throwing hard hitting jabs and several strong left and right hooks throughout.

His confidence was definitely building in the third round and with the crowd behind him, he started to lay out a few nice combinations which were taken well by Durica.

Durica was a good opponent and did not seem shaken by any shots thrown, but did not do enough to take any rounds in the contest, with the fight being scored 40-36 to the newcomer.

O’Meara PTS (40-36) 

Pauly Upton v Deividas Sajavka ( 6 x 3 )

Pauly Upton defeated Deividas Sajavka (6-33) in an unmatched middleweight contest where he dominated all six rounds.

Undefeated Upton (14-0), who came in the slightly heavier man at 11st 10lbs, won his last two fights by knock out and was hoping to continue his KO streak. This was not to be, but he did well and truly outclass his opponent, proving why he is the current Irish champion and setting him well on his way to much bigger things.

The 28-year old from Romford was clearly the more experienced fighter throughout, though Sajavka proved he had a strong chin – not going down despite a large number of heavy hitting shots coming his way the whole bout.

In the beginning rounds especially, Pauly, part of the ‘Upton Clan’ of boxing brothers, controlled the fight, that lead to many quick exchanges that nearly saw Sajavka being put through the ropes on many occasions. A strong jab and high straight right hurt Sajavka towards the end of the second round but he came back flying – just to no effect on Upton.

Despite not getting knocked down and showing huge heart, Sajavka just couldn’t do enough to score points against Upton which mean he lost in every round possible.

In the mid rounds the atmosphere could be felt behind Pauly, and a double right landed which could clearly be felt by Sajavka. The Romford man then continued with some great combinations which Sajavka tried to counter but Upton was just too quick and swerved to avoid all punches thrown.

A large right hook wobbled Sajavka in the fourth and in it seems anger, he threw Upton to the floor. Upton continued working the body, not letting this worry him, and also landed a strong left hook. Hard punches then continued to escape Sajavka’s guard and unless he found a knock out ASAP this fight has clearly been decided already.

Round five continued in the same form and a straight left flows beautifully from Upton and sails through Sajavka’s guard again and he’s stuck against the ropes. He lets go a nice uppercut which freed him from Upton’s grip temporarily, but another right hook lands deadeningly square. He pushed though as the bell goes, but the struggle is real.

In the final round Sajavka puts in a valiant effort in his best round by far, but it is too little too late and Pauly Upton steals the win easily with a clear 60-54 decision.

Upton PTS (60-54) 

Mikey Sakyi v Jamie Carley (6 x 3)

Mikey Sakyi suffered his first loss against Jamie ‘Mr Excitement’ Carley in six rounds at super lightweight.

The former unbeaten 26-year-old lost to Carley, who had a point to prove after coming back from his only loss in September last year against Georgie Wright.

The 30-year-old from Roehampton, who came in the slightly heavier man at 10 stone 4lbs, started the fight with some great left hooks before both fighters started working the body relentlessly. The first round was explosive, with Carley also landing a fantastic uppercut, leaving a shocked Sakyi on the ropes.

The second and third round saw a confident Carley land straight left after straight left and Sakyi spent the majority of the time backed up on the ropes. The younger fighter did give out some punishing body shots though, and in some parts, it seems like they were taking turns to endlessly trade blows – but with Carley always coming out on top.

More great body shots came from both corners in the fourth and the Roehampton man landed a fantastic right hook, right on the button. Sakyi counters but ends up back on the ropes before landing a good right hook of his own.

In the fifth-round Carley dominated again, and it starts to turn into a slightly one sided fight. A hard-hitting left hook is followed by some counter body shots by Sakyi and it appears Carley cannot find the finish at this point – perhaps he has tired himself out too much. Multiple right hooks attack Sakyi and the referee starts to watch closely, but out of nowhere the Romford man lands two powerful hooks from either side but Carley’s guard proves just too good.

In the last round, Carley gives a knowing smirk that says he’s confident of the outcome. A few great combinations come from both fighters and Sakyi landed a big right hook around two minutes in. Although a great shot, it backfires and he ends back up against the ropes as Carley digs deeps in the final seconds. A tired Carley celebrates as the bell goes and the judges agree awarding him the fight 59-56

Carley PTS  (59-56)

Bradley Smith v Ibrar Riyaz (6 x 3)

St Ives’ Bradley Smith won 60-55 against long-time journeyman Ibrar Riyaz who resides in Reading.

The unbeaten 20-year-old took a confident win against 31-year-old ‘Smokin’ Riyaz who has not won since 2010 and has a record of 4-118-4.

Smith PTS (60-55)

Louis Adolphe v Edvinas Puplauskas (6 x 3)

London’s Louis Adolphe also continued his unbeaten journey with a dominating win against Lithuania’s Puplauskas.

Adolphe, who was the shorter man by two inches, controlled his opponent, winning every round of the bout and showing off his fast footwork as well as a number of impressive combinations which saw him win every single round.

Adolphe PTS (60-54)

Cornelius Ramaphala v Arvydas Trizno (4 x 3)

Ramaphala PTS (40-36)

By Charlotte Prior. You can follow her on Twitter on @CharlotteLily89

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