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Superman Skeete Stops Singleton With Fifth Round Stoppage, Mullender Gets His Revenge on Markham

Lee Markham v Joe Mullender – English Middleweight Title (10 x 3)

In the co-headline fight of the evening, and one for the local fans, Joe Mullender defeated Lee Markham in a hugely anticipated rematch at the Brentwood Centre, taking his English Middleweight title.

In the rematch which has taken twelve months to organise due to injury, Mullender got his revenge on 29-year-old Markham, who came off victorious in the first clash back in May 2016 at The O2.

The former gym mates went hell for leather across ten rounds, with the Brentwood boy itching to reverse the loss and win the belt in his hometown. Starting strong in the first round, Markham defended well in the first round unleashing a hard-left hook when pressured back. Throughout the fight it looked as though Mullender was in control however, with Markham backed up for much of the fight and unable to free himself.

In the third round Markham came out slightly stronger working the body and left hook. It didn’t take long though and Mullender landed a great left hook which puts Markham back in the corner.

As the fight continued it becomes clear that Lee Markham needs to step up if he wants to keep his belts and Mullender continues to constantly have him backed up against the ropes. The Brentwood fighter continued the stalk Markham, much to the Brentwood fans delight and towards the end of round five, referee Bob Williams is watching very closely.

Markham finds his way out of trouble but looked badly marked up on his face with both eyes and left cheek looking bruised. Mullender continues his attack and chases him around the ring. Markham is starting to look slightly like he is running.

In six and seven Mullender is definitely looking for the finish and throws a number of fantastic combinations as the referee continues to look on closely. Markham seems to be throwing just enough to keep him in the game, but definitely not enough to win it.

As the fight enters its final rounds, both fighters start to look tired but both are swinging furiously. Mullender is definitely still the man in control and although both celebrate on the bell, it looks clear, from this side at least that the hometown boy has taken the belt.

A split decision brings hometown glory for Joe Mullender a Markham suffers a defeat where he just did not do enough to hold on to it.

Mullender – SD

94-97 Mullender

97-95 Markham

93-97 Mullender


Bradley Skeete v Shayne Singleton – British Welterweight Title (12 x 3)

After a heated weigh-in where tempers flared, Bradley ‘Superman’ Skeete showed he was a class above Manchester’s Shayne Singleton, winning with a knock down in the thirteenth second of the fifth round.

Skeete (26-1-0) over powered the 27-year-old mandatory challenger in his second defence of his British Welterweight title and as promised this week at the press conference, beat him with ‘style and panache’.

The world ranked boxer from Penge is hoping to step up to world level before the year is out, and proved that this is definitely a possible option with an impressive performance tonight. The only loss on his record is back in 2014 against Frankie Gavin whereas the Mancunian (23-2-1) has previously only lost once to Sam Eggington back in 2015, who Skeete has also beaten. He was supposed to face Skeete back in November last year but withdrew due to injury and was replaced by Scotsman John Thain who lost unanimously to the ‘Superman’ from South London.

In the first round, Singleton ‘The Pain’ did seem to be just that, coming out very fast from the starting bell, but Skeete’s jab kept him at bay while the two scoped each other out.

Round two again started fast with quick hands from both fighters and some hard-hitting combinations landed by both sides. Singleton landed some great shots when Skeete allowed him to get too close but overall this round is almost too tight to score.

The pace somehow ramped up another gear in round 3 and blows are traded left right and centre. Towards the end of the round Singleton’s right eye looks marked up from some point in the slug-fest but it is difficult to tell exactly when, with so many punches thrown, and landed, on both sides. In the last five seconds, Skeete seems to make a well-deserved breakthrough in this closely traded contest and knocks Singleton to the canvas, celebrating as he retires to his corner.

The Mancunian came out of his corner slightly late on the bell for the fourth, perhaps still feeling the effects of the knock down. The intense exchange continues but Bradley Skeete seemed to be showing slightly more power with some fantastic left hooks which give him the edge and it seems that he is working out his opponent and finding holes in his defence more easily in the mid rounds. A heavy right hook towards the end of the round sent Singleton to the canvas and it looks as though the fight is over. However, he gets back up and furiously returns with a flurry of jabs, but Skeete just kept coming back at him, and as Singleton is backed up once again it is only the bell that saves him. One second longer and the referee might have stopped it.

As the fifth round chimes, Skeete senses his dominance and flies at Singleton sending him down to the canvas once more in thirteen seconds of the fifth, leading the referee to stop the fight and Skeete jumps on the ropes and celebrates in a fight where he has kept his belts and put on one of his best performances to date. A definite sign he is one step closer to a world level opponent.


TKO Round 5 -13 seconds

Skeete win


Boy Jones Jr v Andisi Didzus (6 x 3)

It was an early night for Chingford’s Boy Jones Jr tonight with an easy round one win against Andisi Didzus (3-5-0) from Latvia. The 20 year old lightweight (13-1-0) dominated the fight and was just too powerful for the Latvian, who was knocked down four times in the first round before referee, Jeff Hinds stopped the fight at 1 minute 52 with Didzus not able to continue.

Lewis Pettitt v Simas Volosinas (6 x 3)

Lewis Pettitt, made it two wins for two brothers this evening, joining his brother Jake by beating Volosinas in every round of the six-round featherweight contest. Pettitt made sure his opponent was backed up against the ropes for much of the fight with a number of strong combinations that meant he dominated each round and won 60-54.


Pettit PTS


Harley Benn v Paul Cummings (4x 3)

Harley Benn proved talent really can be within a family, despite distancing himself from Connor and Nigel Benn earlier this week on Twitter. The 20-year-old from Hornchurch gained his second win of his career at super middle weight against 31-year-old Paul Cummings from Wiltshire (0-7). Benn maintained the fight on the front foot, starting strongly, and controlling the centre of the ring.

Cummings refuse to quit despite the pressure and landed a few good counters of his own against the youngster, but Benn knocked him down with a devastating hook that seemed to affect him and demonstrated the 20 year olds pure punch power and exciting future prospects.

In the third round Benn seemed to be picking his shots more carefully and the speed of the fight slowed. Cummings took this as his chance to come back, but Benn over powered him once again with a straight left followed by a huge right hook. A great combination left Cummings against the ropes again in the final ten seconds of the round but to his credit, Cummings who has never won a fight, did not seem to be deterred.

Both fighters moved quickly in the final round but Benn landed an enormous right hook which clearly took the steam out of Cummings. He returned the fire with limited success, bar another hard hitting right hook, which hit Benn hard, and some light body work.

In the last ten seconds blood pours from Cummings nose and Benn inches it with a 38-37 win.


Benn PTS


DP Carr v Michael Mooney (6×3)

DP ‘The Cannon’ Carr from Sidcup continued his winning streak making it 8-0 in an exciting points win against Michael Mooney. Mooney the ‘mad man’ from Worcester, made a good opponent in the fast paced six round fight but Carr dominated the opening rounds and displayed a strong right hook. Mooney was fast with his counters throughout and really came into his own in the mid rounds of the fight, especially with a notable hard-hitting uppercut in the third. He started to look weary in the final two rounds however but managed to connect with a huge left hook causing a large cut to Carr’s cheekbone. Carr nevertheless `remained the quicker man, who landed more convincing shots earning him the win 60-56.


Carr PTS


Charlie Duffield v Matty Parr (4×3)

Essex boy Charlie Duffield avenged his first and only loss by coming back with a first round knockout of Matty Parr from St Ives in two minutes and 37 seconds. Clearly the stronger man, Duffield from Rainham dominated the fight with a number of damaging combos and hard hitting jabs which led to the referee calling off the fight with the Cambridgeshire man unfit to continue.

TKO Round 1 -2 mins 37 secs

Duffield win


Naylor Ball v Mladen Manev (4×3)

Undefeated Heavyweight, Ball, came back to win against Bulgaria’s Manev after a shaky start, being knocked down (and nearly through the ropes) at the end of the first round. The Pinewood man threw a multitude of hard hitting shots especially in the final round, but Manev proved a difficult man to unsettle and a more worthy opponent than his all losses record suggested, despite being the lighter man at 15st 7lbs.


Ball PTS


Jake Pettitt v Anwar Alfadi (4×3)

Jake Pettitt wowed the crowds on the same card as his brother Lewis, in his professional debut at super bantam weight this evening beating Anwar Alfadi in every round. This included impressive knock downs in both the first and the fourth round, despite sustaining a nasty cut to the forehead mid-way through the fight.


Jake Pettit PTS


Charlie Driscoll v Ibrar Riyaz (4×3)

Unbeaten ‘Champagne’ Charlie Driscoll from Essex continued his winning streak making it 5-0 this evening, dominating against Reading’s Ibrar Riyaz (5-120-4) in the four-round contest.


Charlie Driscoll PTS

By Charlotte Prior. You can follow her on Twitter on @CharlotteLily89

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