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EXCLUSIVE: Amir Khan denies any link with Al Haymon!



EXCLUSIVE: Amir Khan denies any link with Al Haymon!

In recent days there have been flying rumors about Amir ‘King’ Khan possibly considering inking a new deal with powerful business advisor, Al Haymon, since Khan announced just yesterday that he and long time business partner, Asif Vali, have decided to amicably part ways.

But to clear the air, I decided to get directly to the source and call up the Khan camp to clarify what’s truth and what’s rumor. Amir Khan exclusively told BehindTheGloves.com:

“I think Al Haymon does a lot for his fighters and builds them up good but I have my own team and Golden Boy Promotions who advise me. I see the biggest names signed with him but my own team does a great job. With Asif Vali leaving, who knows what’s going to happen in the future. Asif and I split on good terms and I would like to thank him for his help since winning the Olympics at the age of 17. At the minute my dad, Shah, over looks everything as well as my Uncle Taz and Best friend, Saj, who take a lot of pressure off me. Especially on the commercial side and picking opponents, venues, and coordinating the camp. My team works very closely with Golden Boy for boxing and the outside work as in PR, we work closely with Tangerine PR who fix up my media interviews. But my dad and I have the final say. Making changes in life is not a bad thing. I believe it’s about walking away on good terms.”

Asif Vali also released a statement:

“’I would like to wish Amir Khan and his family the very best for the future. I have enjoyed my time working with them and plan to remain in boxing as I explore new exciting ventures.”

There you have it fight fans! As I thought, the Al Haymon rumors were nothing more than rumor. I’m guessing since the majority of big boxing names are signed with Al Haymon it became an instant thought to many that perhaps Amir Khan was thinking of following suit. But that’s just not the case.


-Michelle Joy Phelps


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